I know what you're thinking. "Why is 'SIX Design' now 'Platform Brand'?" Well, the two answers to that are devilshly simple.

For those of you not in the know, the name SIX Design dates from way back when there was a lonely little studio in Elland featuring a solitary (not so young) designer, beavering away in glorious isolation and invariably in (what could politely be called) a state of undress.The eagle-eyed among you will have spotted the 'Si' in SIX. Now of course, due to a burgeoning client list and associated growth over the last 4 years the 'Naturist Days' are the stuff of memory and there's company in the studio. Never having been one for hogging the limelight I felt it was time for me to throw off the 'personal brand', secluded as it was and stride forward democratically as ‘Platform Brand'.

Good Brand Identity in the mainstream

But a desire to distance ourselves from narcisism isn't our primary motivation in rebranding the company. More and more these days businesses and business owners are finally recognising the enormously positive impact professionally produced, highly communicative and ownable brand identity will have when planning their business strategy. The word ‘design’ no longer runs deep enough to properly define the responsibility a design/marketing agency (should) commit themselves to when working with a new client. At every touch point, in every piece of marketing, both on and off line they are influencing the perception of their client, it’s brand and ultimately their clients service in the hearts and minds of both their existing and future markets. That's a hell of a responsibility to take on and it’s a duty that should only be entrusted to a branding agency with the experience and dedication required to not only create, but advise, police and even defend the consistent use of that brand.

In fact, any design agency worth it’s Pantone books should be able to defend a brand it didn’t create itself! Now that takes even more dedication to the cause! That’s us. Dedicated to the cause of brand strength and consistency in everything we do. BRAND says we’re a safe pair of hands for yours.

So why Platform? 

Do we have offices at Euston Station? No. Is it a shameless attempt to win Network Rail as our next trophy client? No. We chose PLATFORM because it perfectly embodies the way we see brand identity. Brand is the solid platform every business needs as the foundation of everything it does both externally and internally. Branding is a process, a starting point without which a business runs the risk of being misunderstood, unbalanced to more liable fail. In fact good brand identity is as fundamental to business as a good accountant. Platform Brand are here to plant a flag in the ground and state our dedication to the brands of our clients and their success in business. 

SIX Design is dead… long live PLATFORM BRAND!

If you'd like to talk about how Platform Brand could make your brand identity a solid base for your business call us on 01274 317127